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Nutritional Information

Enjoy good health, enjoy pure goat milk cheese!

Geluksfontein Goat Milk products are made using traditional methods in the cheese room of our farm and are excellently packaged and presented.

Some known facts about goat milk cheese:

  • Is non-allergenic, as it does not contain b-lacto globulin
  • Breaks down cholesterol
  • Combats coronary illness
  • Is a healthier alternative to cow milk as it has more acid buffering capacity

Goat Milk

Protein (%) 2.9
Fat (%) 3.2
Calories (/ 100 ml) 70
Vitamin A (i.u/grams fat) 39
Vitamin B (ug/100 ml) 68
Riboflavin (ug/100 ml) 210
Vitamin C (mg ascorbic acid/100ml) 2
Vitamin D (.u/grams fat) 0.7
Calcium (%) 0.19
Iron (%) 0.07
Phosphorous (%) 0.27
Cholesterol (mg/100 ml) 12